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We’re a certified Ace Hardware store, which means we have the products and expertise to help you with all your home projects, inside and out. Brands and service you can trust within easy reach of Lenox, Stockbridge, Lee, Great Barrington, Pittsfield, and the rest of the Berkshires.

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How to Start Seeds Indoors

WHY START FROM SEEDS? When planning for a garden, a key thing to consider is whether you want to start your garden from seeds or from young plants (“transplants”) bought from a local nursery. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Buying transplants is certainly a lot easier and more convenient, but you are also limited to only growing the types of vegetables and flowers that you can find. Seeds,…

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Off Season Winter Garden Tasks

Winter is the perfect time to get a jump start on next year's garden. Use this off-season gardening time to winterize your garden and to prepare for warmer days when you can dig to your heart's content. You'll be ready to grow as soon as the sun peeks out and the thermometer begins to rise. The ideal time for winter…

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Introducing Ego: Battery Snowblowers That Really Work!

A customer asked me the other day, "Are electric snowblowers really any good now?" It seems there are a lot of people who still think that electric snowblowers are underpowered, wimpy machines that can't get the job done here in the Berkshires. Maybe that was true a few years ago, but the machines we sell from Ego have powerful batteries…

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In the Berkshires Since 1898
In the Berkshires Since 1898

In 1898, E. Caligari & Son had its auspicious beginning when Eugene Caligari, newly arrived from Chiavenna, Italy, embarked upon the American dream of owning his own business. Early on, Eugene and his son, Eugene, Jr., learned every aspect of the painting business, they learned quickly that hard work is rewarded by loyal customers. Their honesty and hard work gave them the sizable following of customers needed to start their own company.

Soon another son, William, joined his father in the business. Young Bill learned the painting trade and continued to build a strong customer base, expanding into other businesses in the 1970’s. Bill’s two sons Jeffrey and William Jr. representing a third generation, now operate the business begun over a century ago by their grandfather. Jeffrey joined the company in 1975 and William in 1989. In 2017 Jeffrey’s daughter Kaitlyn, a fourth generation,  joined the company and is now managing E. Caligari & Son’s paint and decorating store.

William Sr. passed away in 2000 and Patricia in 2009. The brothers have expanded the operation, the businesses are listed below.

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