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Introducing Ego: Battery Snowblowers That Really Work!

A customer asked me the other day, “Are electric snowblowers really any good now?” It seems there are a lot of people who still think that electric snowblowers are underpowered, wimpy machines that can’t get the job done here in the Berkshires. Maybe that was true a few years ago, but the machines we sell from Ego have powerful batteries and big chutes that can handle whatever New England winter throws at them.

They not only work well, they’re quieter than a gas engine model. The battery power keeps you from spewing carbon dioxide into the air while you’re clearing your driveway. Of course they’re completely cordless, so nothing to trip over or unplug while you’re working.

The new EGO POWER+ 2-Stage Snow Blower is the only cordless 2-stage snow blower that delivers the power and performance of gas. It features Peak Power™ technology, combining the power of any two EGO batteries to clear up to 8 in. of dense snow from an 18-car driveway. Get the job done quickly with a 24 in. clearing width and throw heavy, wet snow up to 50 ft.

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