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Summer Lawn & Garden Tips

More and more of us are gardening this year, some for the very first time.  Here’s a simple check list to help with basic lawn and garden maintenance.


  • Mow regularly or as needed. Only  remove one-third of the height of the grass height at one time and leave the clippings on the lawn.
  • As the summer goes on, raise the mowers deck height-taller grass holds up to heat/drought better than shorter lawns.
  • When watering, it’s best to water in the early morning or early evening. You should only need to water about 1 inch worth per week.


  • Mulch beds as needed, this will help retain moisture in the soil and help suppress weeds.
  • Water regularly, containers may require daily watering. Using  a water gauge is helpful to know just how much water your garden has received in a week.
  • Fertilize vegetable and flowers monthly, follow instructions on the fertilizer label.
  • Give support to vines with trellis, poles or arbors. Some plants may need tying to train them upward.
  • Dead-head spent flowers to promote continuous blooming.
  • Monitor for disease/insect damage. Use necessary treatments, starting with the least toxic first.

We sell a variety of products from Scotts, Jonathan Green, Jolly Gardner, Miracle Gro, and Espoma for your lawn & garden needs.


  • Keep blades sharpened and clean, especially on pruners, saws. Wiping blades with rubbing alcohol will remove pathogens that can be spread from infected plants.
  • Clean tools after each use.
  • Check handles of shovels, rakes, etc . for signs of stress cracks. Replace handles when needed.

Don’t  use your shovels as pry bars, this can cause handles to break  and result in injury.

Check in with us this fall for helpful tips to prep your gardens for the winter.

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