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Painting/ Finishes

1. What are the different kinds of paint finishes and how do I know which one to use?

A great quality about Benjamin Moore paint is that all of your finishes are highly durable so you don’t have to be tied to the old rules (e.g. you can only use a high gloss finish in bathrooms, never use a matte finish in a high traffic area). Now you can use any finish in any room of the house – it all depends on the look you want to create.

To give an idea of the differences between sheens, a matte finish may appear soft and almost velvety, while being forgiving to wall imperfections. A higher gloss on the wall will be more dramatic and will reflect more light; however, be sure that your walls are in great condition because the higher the gloss level, the more you’ll accentuate imperfections in the wall. Luckily, selecting finish can be a decision around aesthetics since great durability is present across all our products and finishes.

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