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Off Season Winter Garden Tasks

Winter is the perfect time to get a jump start on next year's garden. Use this off-season gardening time to winterize your garden and to prepare for warmer days when you can dig to your heart's content. You'll be ready to grow as soon as the sun peeks out and…

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How to Clean Garden Tools for Winter

With winter weather approaching, now is the time to think about maintaining your garden tools. Garden tools aren't cheap and with the right treatment, they can last for years. Here are a few steps to help you maintain your tools and have them ready for Spring. The first step is…

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Summer Tree & Shrub Maintenance

SUMMER TREE AND SHRUB MAINTENANCE Weed and mulch around trees and shrubs, keeping the mulch about 1-2 inches away from the base of the trunks. Do not create "mulch volcanoes", this can be harmful to the trees.  Mulch volcanoes are deep piles of mulch heaped around the base of trees and shrubs. They…

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Summer Lawn & Garden Tips

More and more of us are gardening this year, some for the very first time.  Here's a simple check list to help with basic lawn and garden maintenance. SUMMER LAWN CARE Mow regularly or as needed. Only  remove one-third of the height of the grass height at one time and…

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Essential Garden Tools

Homeowners and professionals need the right tool for the right job. Here's a few basic tools to get you started for this year's growing season. For planting trees and shrubs, a pointed shovel is helpful.  This tool has many uses for chores around the yard and garden. For annuals and…

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