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Essential Garden Tools

Homeowners and professionals need the right tool for the right job. Here’s a few basic tools to get you started for this year’s growing season.

For planting trees and shrubs, a pointed shovel is helpful.  This tool has many uses for chores around the yard and garden.

For annuals and vegetable plants, select a hand trowel and cultivator.  The garden trowel makes digging holes easier and the cultivator helps loosen soil and assists with weeding.

Garden snips and pruners helps keep annuals, flowering shrubs neat and tidy.  Be sure to clean your tools after each use.  Just a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

To ease the stress of gardening on your body, look for ergonomic tools.  Kneeling pads also relieves stress on your knees and back.

Hoses, nozzles, shut off valves and sprinklers are essential for garden/lawn watering.  Replace any worn parts and store properly.  Long hoses should be stored on hose reels  for easier moving and to reduce kinking.

Wheelbarrows and garden carts are the work-horses of the garden tools.  From transporting loads of dirt, compost and mulch to moving loads of firewood for any evening campfire.

We carry Fiskars, Corona, Razorback, and John Deere garden tools.

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